Dr.Dayanand Pandey
Dr. Dayanand Pandey is presently the Head of Risk Management & Head of Training at Bank Melli Iran (BMI), Regional Office in Dubai. Bank Melli Iran, Dubai (http://www.bmi.co.ae) is the oldest & the largest bank of Iran, fully owned by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It has more than 3500 branches all over the world. The regional office in Dubai looks after seven branches in UAE, Muscat branch in Oman and the Baku branch in Azerbaijan. The bank deals in retail, corporate and trade related financial products. Dr Pandey is entrusted the task of implementing ERM across the bank, to comply with Basel II guidelines of UAE Central Bank and to manage Training portfolio of the bank at the Regional level.
He is also the Adjunct professor for “Regulation and Risk Management” and “Financial Crime, Money Laundering and Corporate Governance” at British University in Dubai for Cass Business School, London (City University, London)’ Master program in Banking and Finance; Middlesex University in Dubai, University of Wollongong in Dubai and S P Jain Centre of Management, Dubai.

Before joining Bank Melli Iran, Dr Pandey was Assistant professor of Economics & Banking and Coordinator of Master of Applied Finance and Banking Program with the University of Wollongong in Dubai. He has previously worked with the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies in Sharjah as Principal Trainer. He has trained hundreds of UAE bank professionals on Risk management issues.

Prior to coming to UAE, he was full professor of Economics and Chairman Global MBA program with IMT, Ghaziabad, India. He started his career as a lecture in Delhi University Colleges and joined Birla Institute of Management Technology as an Assistant Professor in 1993. He is Graduate in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi; Post Graduate in Business Economics from the University of Delhi and Ph D in Risk Management from Agra University.

Dr. Pandey has published a number of books and scholarly articles in journals of repute. He has authored a book on Managerial Economics published from Pearson Education, Economic Environment of Business and Risk management from Excel Publications. In 2006 he presented his paper on Operational Risk Management in a conference at Harvard University, Boston, USA. He also presented a paper on Operational Risk Ownership in Cambridge University in 2007. He has presented his papers on Banking and Risk management in Germany, Honk Kong and Dubai as well. Some of his papers are available on www.ssrn.com and are listed here for the purpose of reference
Correspondence details:
Bank Melli Iran
P.O.Box 1894
Regional office, Dubai
Dubai, UAE
Ph. +971-4-2015245(Direct), +971-50-8698035(Mobile)
Office Email: dpandey@bmi.co.ae
Private Email: drdnpandey@gmail.com
Alternate Email : drdnpandey@yahoo.com
More than 30 papers have been published in various journals, Magazines and Conference proceedings. Details are given below:
A jointly authored paper on “An Empirical Study on January Anomaly and Return Predictability in an Emerging Market: Evidence from India” is presented in an international conference in India organized by International Management Institute, New Delhi In August 2008.
Web: http://www.imi.edu/News/index.asp?ID=5 Also available at www.ssrn.com
A paper on “Integrated Risk Management in UAE banks: Challenges and prospects” was presented and published as conference proceedings in the 6th international conference on Business and research at Honk Kong in July, 2007. Web: http://www.uowdubai.ac.ae/research/details.php?sec=9
A paper on “Who owns Operational risk” was presented at St. Edmunds College, Cambridge University, UK in June 2007.Web: http://www.st-edmunds.cam.ac.uk/events/conversazione/index-2006-7.php
Also available at www.ssrn.com
Won a research grant with a colleague to study the Basel II preparedness of banks in UAE at the University of Wollongong in Dubai in June 2007. The project shall continue for a year.
Web: http://www.uowdubai.ac.ae/research/details.php?sec=10
A research case study entitled” Air Arabia- The New Face of Low Cost Airlines” was presented and published in the conference proceedings at the fifth International Business Research conference held in Dubai in April 2007. Web: http://www.uowdubai.ac.ae/research/details.php?sec=10
A research paper on “Risk in large Value Payment System” is published with joint authorship in Journal of International Banking and Research (JIBR), April 2007 Volume 12 no.1.
Web: http://www.arraydev.com/commerce/jibc/articles.htm
A paper on “Merger of NBD and Emirates Bank” was published in Business and Finance, UAE as a cover story in 2007. Web: http://www.uowdubai.ac.ae/news/index.php?action=view&id=215
Participated in WHU Conference on Banking and Finance at Vallendar in Germany from January 11 to 12 as a panel discussant on “Future of Banking-from Market to Institutions”- mainly focused on the Risk Management practices under Basel II for internationally active banks.
Web: http://www.campus-for-finance.com/index.php?id=623
“Operational risk issues and UAE banks” published as a cover story in Banking and Finance, Sharjah in October 2006. Web: http://www.eibfs.com/EIBFS/MagazineArchive.aspx
Presented a paper on “Operational risk: Measurement issues, Basel II and UAE banks” in the 6th Global conference on Business and Economics at the Harvard university, USA in October, 2006. The paper is published in the conference proceedings. Web: http://www.uowdubai.ac.ae/research/details.php?sec=9
Won an Educational Strategies Development Fund (ESDF) 2006 grant of the University of Wollongong in Australia with two colleagues on a project entitled “Case study as a method to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning at UOWD”. The project continued till the mid of 2007.
Web: http://www.uow.edu.au/cedir/asd/grants/UOW040784.html
“Why Manage Risk? “Published in Banking and finance, Sharjah in March 2005.
Web: http://www.eibfs.com/EIBFS/MagazineArchive.aspx
“Global Risk Management Practices “published in Banking and finance, Sharjah, in January 2005. Web: http://www.eibfs.com/EIBFS/MagazineArchive.aspx
“Value at Risk “published in Banking and finance, Sharjah, in December 2004.Web: http://www.eibfs.com/EIBFS/MagazineArchive.aspx
“Risk Models for Corporate-Part 2” published in Banking and finance, Sharjah, in November 2004.Web: http://www.eibfs.com/EIBFS/MagazineArchive.aspx
“Risk Models for Corporate-Part 1” published in Banking and finance, Sharjah, in October 2004.Web: http://www.eibfs.com/EIBFS/MagazineArchive.aspx
“Integrated Risk Management” Published in Business Perspective, New Delhi, 2003.
Web: http://www.bimtech.ac.in/ResearchPublication.htm
“Conceptual Foundation of Risk and Uncertainty” published in the Journal of Insurance and Risk Management, New Delhi, 2002. Web: http://www.bimtech.ac.in/ResearchPublication.htm
“Rationality and Beyond-Some Reflections” Published in Business Perspectives, New Delhi, 2000.
Web: http://www.bimtech.ac.in/ResearchPublication.htm
Working paper on “Environmental Risk Management” for a training program in Environmental Economics organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Dept. of Business Economics, University of Delhi for middle level managers under the ‘World Bank Capacity Building Project’ in New Delhi 1999.
“Macro Dynamics of Capital Market Reform in India” Published as a background paper in the Management Convention organized by UTI Institute of Capital markets, Mumbai   Birla Institute of Management Technology, New Delhi in 1998.
“Rational Operator in an Uncertain Market” Published in Business Analyst, New Delhi in 1997.
Several articles on issues like Inflation, Development   Planning, and Indian Budgets published in the career magazine the Toppers India, New Delhi in 1994, 1995, 1996.
“The Imperative of Managing Risk for Indian Corporate”, published in the Financial Express, 16th March 2002, New Delhi edition.
“Queens, Asymmetric Information and B-Schools”, published in the Financial Express, April 6th, 2002, New Delhi edition.