Dr. Dwarika Prasad Uniyal
Prof. Dwarika Prasad Uniyal is Assistant Professor at Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad. His subject of specialization is Retail Management. He has also taught subjects like Retailing, Consumer Behaviour and Marketing. He has served as a faculty member at institutes like SPJIMR, Mumbai; S P Jain Centre of Management, Dubai. He has delivered lectures on topics like “Private Label Brands”, “Creating a retail image-jewellery retailing”,“Understanding retail communication and building retail image”, “Commodity Retailing”. He has conducted workshops on “Buying and Merchandising” and “ Understanding shopper behaviour in apparel retailing”
Subjects taught
Marketing Strategies for Developing Eonomies
Retail Marketing
Book : Uniyal D P and Sinha P K , 2007, “Managing Retailing”, Oxford University Press, India
Research Publications
Uniyal D P and Amrita V, 2007, January, “Concept of a MALL: Measuring Attitude and Perception of shoppers towards the Malls of Mumbai” Indian Retail Review, Vol.1, Issue 1.
Sinha P K and Uniyal D P, 2005, Dec-Jan “Segmenting shoppers on behaviour” International Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol. 12, Issue 1., Page 35-48
Sinha P K, Banerjee A and Uniyal D P, 2002, April – June "Deciding where to buy: Store choice behaviour of Indian shoppers, "Vikalpa" Management Journal, IIM Ahmedabad, Vol. 27, Issue 2., Page 13-27
Uniyal D P and Sinha P K, “The tween shopper”, 2002, November “Dainik Bhaskar’s Journal of Best Practice in Media and Marketing” Vol. 03, Issue 2., Page 10-12
Working papers
P K Sinha and Uniyal D P, 2000 “Communication @ POP”, MICA Unpublished working paper
P K Sinha and Uniyal D P , 2001“ POP Communication: A conceptual Model based on Shopper Expectation”, MICA Unpublished working paper
Uniyal D P, 2000 “Understanding Tweens” MICA Unpublished working paper
Uniyal D P,2002, “MICA Rural Research Project” MICA Unpublished working paper
Presentations in International Conferences
Sinha P K and Uniyal D P “ Measuring Shopping Involvement: a scale development approach” in “International Conference on Research issues in Marketing” IIM Ahmedabad, January, 2007
Uniyal D P and Amrita V “Malls in India-an attitudinal study” was accepted for presentation in 12th EIRASS conference, in Orlando, Florida, USA, July, 2005.
Uniyal D P and Amrita V, “Attitude and perception towards Malls” in IIM Ahmedabad’s International Marketing conference, January, 2005
Uniyal D P “Marketing to Tweens” was accepted for presentation in 11th EIRASS conference, in Prague, Czechoslovakia, July, 2004.
Sinha P K and Uniyal D P “Segmenting shoppers on behaviour" in 10th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON Recent Advances in Retailing and Consumer Services Science, Portland, Oregon, USA, August 2003