Prof Jay Mitra
Professor Mitra is a leading authority on Entrepreneurship, emerging markets and Innovation. He is the Founding Professor of Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship Research for University of Essex and Head of school for Entrepreneurship and Business, at the University of Essex.

Professor Mitra has over 20 years experience in small business, entrepreneurship and economic development, as a policy maker, as an academic and as an entrepreneur. Generating pioneering local government-private sector partnerships, developing innovative academic programmes,
exploring new frontiers of entrepreneurship research, and constant engagement with creative entrepreneurs, define his work portfolio. He has also set up two new business ventures in London.
Subjects taught
Entrepreneurship and Business Management
Areas of Interest
New Venture Creation
Entrepreneurship and regional development
Innovation and small firms
Small firm internationalisation
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Keynote Speaker (2004) ‘Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Training and Higher Education’, Seminar on ‘Paradigm shifts in Entrepreneurship’, Birla Institute of Management Technology, 3 November, 2004
Research Projects
Business clusters and economic growth around the A127 Corridor (current)
Entry of Chinese firms in European Markets – Shandong Weigao Group China, UK (current)
Technology-Based Entrepreneurship – Zensar Technologies India and UK (current)
Developing an Entrepreneurial Culture: the Enterprise Research Project, East of England Development Agency and Thames Gateway, South Essex Partnership (October, 2005 to March, 2007)
International Business Clusters – East of England Development Agency (September, 2004 to December, 2005)