Nahum Goldmann
Nahum Goldmann, President, ARRAY Development, is a leading expert and a renowned lecturer on building and securing ecommerce and egovernance. He has extensive knowledge of ebanking and ecommerce environments for transactional delivery of financial and administrative services, as well as business transformation and process re-engineering services for financial institutions and government organizations. He is involved in the R D and supervision of graduate students in the areas of banking, B2B marketing for financial institutions, and development of online technology platforms for Internet/WAN banking and payment systems.

Mr.Goldmann is considered to be a pioneer in the area of conceptualizing Extranet Business and Payment Communities and developing business vision, transactional costing, security environment, teaming/outsourcing agreements and functional specifications for such communities. Mr. Goldmann has widely consulted corporations, banks and public agencies on how to reposition the organization's service and knowledge delivery infrastructure, conduct corporate restructuring around the use of E-Business tools, and avoid frustrating and costly mistakes that are common in the fast-paced online business and technology platforms.

Mr.Goldmann's methodologies on development of mission-critical ecommerce/ebanking processes are based on the numerous books and articles that he has published over the last 20 years, and on the original change management framework pioneered by ARRAY Development. He has presented his novel restructuring methodologies to government, financial and business professionals, scientists, and university students in courses, seminars, workshops and consultations conducted around the globe.

Mr.Goldmann was an invited keynote speaker at a number of high profile conferences in North America and Europe. For 10 years as a department head at Nortel Research (BNR) he was in charge of developing advanced telecommunications equipment and software. He has been a consultant to Elsevier Science Publishers BV, Bell Canada, Nortel, IBM, the Bank of Canada, the Government of the Netherlands, to numerous Canadian Government agencies, including Department of Finance, Treasury Board, Public Works Government Services Canada, Industry Canada, INAC, CIDA, IDRC and EC, and to many other leading industrial companies, banks and government organizations.
Areas of Interest
Internet banking and commerce
Transactional profitability
IT/business services offshoring
Anti-Money Laundering
Insurance and governance solutions
Financial Engineering
Knowledge management and information gathering, analysis and dissemination.
Over 20 books, book chapters, articles
More than 40 annual reports on ecommerce, egovernance and efinance, Internet security and the role of SMEs in the new global economy.
Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce
Professional Affiliation
Member of the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Small Business.
Member of the Association of the Professional Engineers of the Province of Ontario (PEO)
Holds memberships at several ISO and CSA Committees
Member of ITU and various federal/provincial working groups and international committees.