Prof. Tarun Chaturvedi
Prof. Tarun Chaturvedi has been into teaching and research for the last several years. He is currently working as a faculty in Organizational Behaviour at Europe Asia Business School, Pune. He has worked with organizations like Zensar Technologies, Tata Chemicals, & Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow to name a few.

He was responsible for research and academics at Global Education Services at ZenSar. He was driving Knowledge Management (KM) at the Rs 6500 Cr Tata Chemicals Ltd managing KM Operations for its key SBU and was involved in developing KM solutions
and writing cases studies in Knowledge Management practices in various organizations IIM Lucknow. Some of these cases have been published in highly-reputed journals.He brings with him deep knowledge of KM technology platforms and hands-on experience in implementing such solutions. He has formulated KM strategies for many clients successfully. Knowledge being a critical organizational asset and he has been instrumental in making it a focused Organizational Development area within Tata Chemicals. With this idea, many more knowledge-driven initiatives like Talent Development, Competency Mapping, and even job-rotations were integrated.

He has been instrumental in devising & implementation of frameworks for Knowledge Management & LMS. His efforts in evolving and deploying Communities of Practice (CoP) focusing & utilizing available "tacit knowledge" in the organizations are appreciated. He also has been part of a Appreciative Inquiry based Change Management initiative where he worked with world known experts.

He has been a consultant to a few SMEs and made them achieve a growth of more than 400% over the years.
His contribution in developing academic processes and practices at B-schools during their inception has won him accolades.

Prof Tarun has extensive exposure as a faculty in national-level workshops and MDPs in the areas of IT & Information Management. He's currently pursuing Fellowship Programme in Management in Organizational Behavior from XLRI, Jamshedpur.
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Regular articles on KM have been published in the quarterly house magazine "Manthan" at Tata Chemicals
Paper presentation at the National Seminar on Library Automation, Networking and Legislation held at National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow.