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Since many of the AMP students use the learning’s from the program to grow within their own organizations, there is no separate Placement process. However, EABS provides valuable career assistance to all students through the following interventions:
Networking Events:
Frequent interactions with high level industry leaders, many of whom constantly seek high quality talent.
Skill Mapping Exercises:
EABS, with the use of proprietary software, can help students identify the job roles most suited to their knowledge, skills and personality type.
Focus Groups:
EABS promotes Focus Groups amongst its students. Focus Groups comprise of students with common learning agendas/career objectives who are guided by EABS faculty to methodically enhance their competencies in specific areas.
Personalized Mentorship:
Students can seek mentorship from EABS senior faculty/experts. The mentors will provide the students with individualized career planning advice, will help create an Action Plan, will monitor progress against the Plan and will provide resources & advice to accomplish Action Plan objectives. Moreover, the mentor will provide constant encouragement and motivation to the students to push them towards success.