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Module 1
Award: Certificate in Management
GM11 Management Functions & Organization Behavior
GM04 Managerial Economics
GM03 Quantitative Techniques for Managers
FM11 Financial & Management Accounting
IS01 Introduction to Information Technology
GM12 Business Communication
Module 2
Award : Advanced Certificate in Management
OM01 Operations Management
HR01 Human Resource Management
MM)1 Marketing Management
GM02 Economic and Social Environment
GM07 Research Methodology
FM12 Financial Management
Module 3
Award : Professional Certificate in Management
Marketing Management (MM) Sales and Distribution Management
Advertising and Brand Management
International Marketing Management
Marketing of Services
  Consumer Behavior
Financial Management (FM) Management Control Systems
  Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
  International Finance
  Corporate Finance
  Management of Financial Services
International Business (IB) Import Export Documentation
  Indian Foreign Trade
  International Human Resource Management
  International Marketing Management
  International Finance
Human Resource Management (HRM) Performance Management
  Training and Development
  Managerial Leadership
  International Human Resource Management
  Managing Change through Organizational Development
Operations Management (OM) Technology Management
  Project Management
  Supply Chain Management
  Operations Strategy
  Quality Management
Information Systems (IS) Computer Networks
  Fundamentals of E-Commerce
  Software Engineering
  Database Management
  Management of Information Technology
Module 4
Award : Post Graduate Diploma in Management* 
GM06 Business Law & corporate Governance
IB06 International Business
GM13 Entrepreneurial Management
GM14 Strategic Management & Ethics
GM100 Project Work
Professional Certificate courses driven by industry expert Value addition theme Cost
Experiential simulated learning : Build and execute Marketing plans Manage Marketing like a Pro Rs.14000
Experiential simulated learning : Build and manage Financial Plans Manage Finance like a PRO Rs.14000
Experiential simulated learning : Organizational Change Management Be the Change agent Rs.14000
Experiential simulated learning : Build and manage projects Manage Projects like a pro Rs.14000
Experiential simulated learning : Build and manage supply chain Manage Supply Chain like a pro Rs.14000
*Discount: Avail professional Certificate courses at Rs. 10,000(each), at the time of registration for PGDM.