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Fee & Financing

All fee components have been listed below and there are no hidden costs incurred in this Program.

  Fee & Charges Amount in INR
1 Tuition fee 5,50,000
2 Course material(inclusive of Harvard content) 50,000
3 Alumni subscription & Library 50,000
4 Security deposit (to be refunded on course completion) 10,000
  Total Investment (in INR) 6,60,000

Fee to be paid in 4 easy Installments

  Installments Payment Due date
1 1,40,000 + 10,000(security deposit) On or before date specified in admission offer letter
2 1,90,000 On or before 25th June 2012
3 1,90,000 On or before 25th Sep 2012
4 1,30,000 On or before 25th Dec. 2012
  Total Investment (in INR) 6,60,000
Fee components 1, 2 & 3 are subject to 10.3 % service tax
Boarding and Lodging arrangements have to be taken care of by students themselves.
Fee once paid, are not refundable, except for the security deposit amount. (If the student withdraws after the commencement of the program, only security deposit amount will be refunded)
All installments are subject to 10.3 % service tax. Except security deposit.
  EABS has loan agreements with a few leading banks and financial institutions that provides funding to cover up to 90% of the Program cost.  Educational Loan covers tuition fees, living expenses, food, laptop and books. We will help all admitted students get in touch with banks, however, the final decision of which bank to take loan from lies entirely with students.
Please contact the EABS Admission office for more details.
List of Institutes:
  Credila Financial Services – All India partner
State Bank of India (For Pune Domicile)
Cosmos Bank (For Pune Domicile)